A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself in your backyard yet again with the same goal: constructing the perfect doghouse. But this time, things get even crazier than they were last time.
This game has five endings in total.


InteractLeft Click / E

Dev. Note
This is a recreation of my very first game with a few improvements. The full OST is available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Thank you for playing and supporting!

Updated 9 days ago
Published 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags3D, doghouse, Horror, PSX
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Mac OSX: Control click the .dmg and hit "Open" to get past the 'unidentified' warning.


Doghouse 2 (Windows) 87 MB
Doghouse 2 (Linux) 88 MB
Doghouse 2 (Mac) 104 MB

Development log


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disco dog


Much, much improved on the first one! I had a good time with this.

The trippier the better ;)



played both games i enjoyed the second one a lot. Check me out 


I played doghouse1 but this game is better


Thanks for the wonderful game! Dog House 3 when? :P 


wholesome horror with banging music


Great game!

I played the first one too, and after playing through this, I'm into all the improvements, with the added lore and objectives. The game has a really nice charm, and the assets are neat. Would recommend to anyone who has some free time on their hands looking for an interesting short horror experience.

Good stuff, dev! Looking forward to more updates.

Check out the video and my channel: VladMan.



 I love this.

The building would be confusing; but the game gives direction on where to go and get started. The building is simple click and interact moves which works well. The monster is creepy but still fun to run away from.

I really enjoyed the part after eating the lasagna. I also loved the music part. This game was a great balance of horror and silliness.


What truly is the deal with fire hydrants?



cool and enjoying video I subscribed :)

Seems like I can't get the first version from the "Wayback Machine" site.


Cool game here's a speedrun.




Amazing game!!! Making my own game, it's gonna have a ps1 style like this


If you haven't made a game before, my advice is to join a very short gamejam.

I did the Weekly Game Jam for Doghouse 1 and it was encouraging to have a game done in a short amount of time (even if it wasn't polished or perfect, it was something!)


Will do, thanks! Once it's finished I'll to put a special thanks in. I'll see what game jams there are


"babe wake up doghouse 2 just dropped" 


I love the mix of humor and horror in this game. It was very clever, and had a unique charm.

I couldn't figure out endings 3 and 4 unfortunately but overall I had a fun time playing this.


I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I played the first doghouse and wasn't too overwhelmed by the quality. This, however, is an incredibly fun game and very well done. Great job. I'm excited for what's to come from you.  

Thank you for the feedback and the kind words!

o jogo e muito legal, eu joguei o primeiro e da para ver a evolução, ótimo jogo


It's a ton of fun and the creator has a knack for comedy/horror. If you like dogs and horror, just download it haha

Thanks for making games!


Very interesting. I got all the endings.


The game is much better then the first one but idk how to get the last ending.

If you want to check the Developer Logs, I posted a walkthrough for all the endings!


I played the first game, with my brother and, it was good can't wait to try this one!


Short but not bad at all. I believe I got either 4 or 3 of the endings. Made a video on it.

Haven't played the 1st game yet but really liked this game, all endings we're fun to explore but some of them would take much of your time like the last ending. Very smooth pixels and a map small enough to explore. Great Game Keep it up!


I did all 5 endings plus the secret ending check it out:)

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘

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I will try this, but after the first experience I felt really underwhelmed.

Very good short game, the secret ending is a little odd (I'd of never figured it out on my own) Way better than the first game.

Thanks for the feedback! I think this was a big improvement from the first as well. Thanks for playing :)


Reqlly enjoyed this. That secret ending is something else.


I've managed to get endings 1 and 2. How do I get the other three?

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Just for you, Mr. Smurf; I included the secret & some extra stuff.



Leonard is best boy 10/10


Amazing as always! Played the first one awhile back, glad to see there is a 2nd one!


Very good game! thanks :) (ESP)

There seems to be a second floor of the house but it is not accessible. Maybe next update will bring a staircase leading up to the second floor.

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Did you notice that this is now known as the top most popular game for Linux on "itch.io"?


Gonna make a video on this, but i am very excited to play and have been patiently waiting for another tumblewed production!

Thank you Spookhouse Productions, I hope you enjoy this tumblewed production :)

does anyone know the code for when you jump the fence and follow the man I cant find any hidden numbers or anything


Glad you could find it; I will make secrets a bit easier to find in the future.


I found this game entertaining, unsettling, and funny all at once. It definitely has a way of making you want to build a doghouse. I like the dog model as well. Very creative! 

How can I trigger the lettuce attack? Don't know how because it doesn't exist in the game.

The lettuce attack was patched out in v0.0.2. Some people said it was too scary

The v0.0.2 update doesn't say it patched out the lettuce attack.

Nah man, check it again


Thanks, I thought it wasn't there. I wish I could get the version that had the lettuce attack.


I couldn't figure out how to get the last ending, but Leonard is the sweetest dog ever and I deserve to get mauled for making him an unpainted doghouse. Let me pet the potato boy!
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