A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself in your backyard yet again with the same goal: constructing the perfect doghouse. But this time, things get even crazier than they were last time.
This game has five endings in total.


InteractLeft Click / E

Dev. Note
This is a recreation of my very first game with a few improvements. The full OST is available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Thank you for playing and supporting!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(119 total ratings)
Tags3D, doghouse, Horror, PSX (PlayStation)
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Mac OSX: Control click the .dmg and hit "Open" to get past the 'unidentified' warning.


Doghouse 2 (Windows) 87 MB
Doghouse 2 (Linux) 88 MB
Doghouse 2 (Mac) 104 MB

Development log


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Gameplay en español

The final ending surprised me

nice work again i enjoyed dancing with the dog =)

conceptually brilliant. flawless execution. woof. 

Интересная коротенькая игра

The long awaited sequel! We played the first one on a Horror pack a while back and had been excited to check out the second one since then. Didn't get every ending, but seeing Disco dog again made my day. Love that good boy :)
Thanks for the game, I had a lot of fun playing it.

Seems you really found your stride with the idea in this game.  Well done.  Confusing, hillarious, and with a couple of good scares too.

That was amazing,i really liked all the different endings!!Wasn,t expecting to get that scared but i did😅

Disco Dog continues to be my favorite ever. Keep up the good work

how con you learn coding with godot? can i coding with godot?

You can! Start practicing as consistently as possible, and try making a bunch of different prototypes so you learn how to do all kinds of things.


thanks tumblewed!

More dance!

Re bueno el final de el perro demoniaco bailando.

*insert dancing dog* that was da best thing

So funny 😀

el final q mas me gusto es de la comedia no se si es un final pero ta bueno

Nice game !

This game is awesome. If you are reading this just play the game!

I played this on stream check it out: (1:09:56)

I tried to eat the lasagna and the game just faded to black and did nothing. Presumably, something was supposed to happen afterwards, but thankfully I could still pause and reset/quit so I wasn’t stuck.


look around to find secrt

Oh thanks, I tried that but gave up pretty quickly after not seeing anything.


Can you share the source code of the game?

Looking back, there's a lot I'd do differently, so I'm thinking about making a video on the topic instead. But I'm not ruling out releasing it altogether.


so good game

Glad you liked it :D


doghouse 3 the final build

bruh the map is yellow and black and white only -_- (help)

This is a lighting bug with Godot. I think it has to do with graphics cards/drivers, which is out of my expertise :(

can't fix?

I don't know enough about the graphics library to fix it myself. I would just recommend checking if your graphics card & drivers are up to date.

Doghouse 2 fan-game: 

Feed your cat.

Link to the fan-game: here


The Guy Made This Is Too Genius Bcuz He Added The Legendary Disco Doggo.Loved It Make Part 3 Asap Everyone Will Wait.

Has anyone modded this game?

Leonard disco dog



hello, i've got a problem with the game: when i try to launch it absolutely nothing happens i updated my gpu drivers and nothing changed

Make sure the executable is in the same location as the ".pck" file.

Outside of that, not sure what the problem could be :(


it is in the same location as .pck file , but for some reason it still doesnt open


doghouse 3 when 

No promises on a specific date, but it is inevitable!

So what happened to ("Doghouse 3"/"KIOSK")? It is now not on "Itch.io".

why i cant play this????

We love you Leonard, no matter what kind of scary beast you become! 


This game was really fun to play and I loved Leonard and his comedian personaltiy.

I get great pleasure from the dog house series of games. Passed two parts and tried to open the maximum number of endings.

I will be glad to subscribe to my channel (^人^)


I love Leonard


Okay this dog needs to back the hell up like why did i actually get scared of him appearing outside the garage? Honestly i enjoyed the gameplay and finding the different endings was sun as well!

Cool game. I got all of the endings and enjoyed trying to figure them out.


Hey! I played doghouse 1 and had to play the 2nd one! The different endings were cool, i managed to get them all except for the burning house down one. Keep up the good work! I'm slowly playing all of your games over time XD, they are good! Made a vid!


When KIOSK comes out, it might be the 3rd one of Doghouse.

This was exactly what I wanted. Absolutely spot on. A whacky horror which managed to keep up a solid atmosphere, and still managed to provide some good laughs.

Managed to get all 5 of the endings, but took me a good bit of trial & error - though not enough that it felt like it was a problem! Really enjoyable throughout. Short enough that I didn't mind running it again and again for other endings, and long enough to provide a great atmosphere! Never knew what to expect next!

Amazing games both of them, had a ton of fun

good game

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