A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself in your backyard yet again with the same goal: constructing the perfect doghouse. But this time, things get even crazier than they were last time.
This game has five endings in total.


InteractLeft Click / E

Dev. Note
This is a recreation of my very first game with a few improvements. The full OST is available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Thank you for playing and supporting!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(166 total ratings)
Tags3D, doghouse, Horror, PSX (PlayStation)
Average sessionA few minutes


Doghouse 2 (Windows) 87 MB
Doghouse 2 (Linux) 88 MB
Doghouse 2 (Mac) 104 MB

Install instructions

Mac OSX: Control click the .dmg and hit "Open" to get past the 'unidentified' warning.

Development log


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Btw it was strange that I didn't know why lasagna comedy show and door blocked don't have any purpose in an ending.

i got the secret code but i dont know where to put it

future me is it a horror game and does the dog die

Glad it kept the feel of the first game while adding more, however there NEEDS to be a third, I enjoyed these a lot 馃槀馃

The ending with the disco dog is my favorite, hehe

This was hilarious but also kind of creepy! I played on my channel check it out! I recommend!

played this on my channel, some of the endings were… interesting.

Really enjoyed it, keep up the good work!


That dog! I like the Minecraft graphic and the opening's soundtrack. This is my Italian gameplay 


It's the first itch.io game that I beat, and that is truly cool.


We need a Doghouse 3


One of the weirdest games I have ever played. Great gameplay though. Stupid fun! 8/10
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Hes Better Then The Chapter 1 Model

As always, adorable!


Dog House 3 would may even take 2 years to release.


we now wait for dog house 3

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I stayed a few hours until I found that guy....

Hahahaha I had a lot of fun playing this

Great game!!!


Really fun game!! I got all of the endings but the one thing that bugs me is that I can't find out the purpose of the stuffed rabbit, and the man outside of the fence. I am guessing that they are there just as some spooky easter eggs but i really want them to be more than just that.


I played the first and second one in this clip! Really enjoyed the game. Thank you for making!

I played the first 1 so you know I had to play part 2 lol not to bad I had fun


2nd game, loved this. not much more to say! good house and use of materials and solid structure around the base and the frame, and those jams just kept the experience gliding smoothly like jam on a bagel on tuesday morning which is the 2nd worst day of the week but it isnt the first which makes up for it. 

10/10 fun experience !

Would recommend. Great secret ending ^^

Dancing dog was my favorite B) Also liked the secret ending XD

Love the game. Got most of the endings but didn't find the last one/secret ending until I was done recording.
Learning Finnish so "Leonard on tosi tuhma koira."

I don't know why but I really like this game

I love this game! I got all endings. :)



starts at 11:30, i loved the doghouse games fr

I really love this game just wish there was a leonard plush in the store

I would love such an opportunity! I am still looking to make this happen


i vview videos of this so i played and is cool!

I enjoyed playing this game. The jumpscares and the atmosphere were really good. I didn't get all the endings but still very fun to play.

Here's my gameplay of it:

Comments below clip:

According to the game, I was on the run when I got killed, but in reality I just finished adding a roof and a door to the doghouse. It was only during the last split second that I noticed something coming at me, from the left corner [while I was focused on the right side, where the doghouse was].

Anyway, it was a fun game, and I'm sure many people love those 5 different endings [and I personally know some of them], but I'm a 1-ending guy. So 1 it is. Thanks for making this game because, like I said, I had fun playing it, and that's all I'm looking for in a game: having fun.

You guys delivered in spades! Kudos to all involved.

Very good game. I love horror games, and games in general that have a lot of different, interesting endings. This is just about her. Here there are not only 5 main endings, but also 1 secret one (everything I could get, albeit with difficulty). The only thing that is not very clear is where to get the full code for the 6th ending, but in general everything is not bad. The horror is good, the easter eggs and the plot are unusual, and I still wonder what is behind that littered door. So yes, I definitely liked the game

I love the multiple endings

Loved it!


noice game part 3 pls

I made a video on your game (18:00)


both games are funny keep up the good wor


He's such a good boy. Awesome game! loved the first one too.

Ayo! Awesome job with the 2nd one, had a good time playing it.

couldn't get that final ending though.

Here's my vidya regardless!


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