A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 - You are constructing the perfect doghouse for your beloved pet. But while you're working away, you notice that your dog looks... different.

Created in 5 days for Weekly Game Jam 219 with the theme "Evolution." The game has three endings in total.

Note: The sequel to this game, Doghouse 2, is now available.


InteractE / Left Click
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
TagsCreepy, Horror, PSX (PlayStation)

Install instructions

Windows & Linux users: Download the zip file and extract the game. Enjoy!

Mac users: Download and extract the game. If you get an error that says "Apple cannot check this for malicious software," control click the game and hit "Open."


doghouse-win.zip 65 MB
doghouse-mac.zip 80 MB
doghouse-linux.zip 65 MB

Development log


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what engine that game use? or that just scripts in 1 exe file?

Made with Godot :)

And yes, I used RCEdit to compile the game into one executable.


Simple but sweet! It made a nice game to stream to my cousin on discord a while ago


Built our buddy a nice house, and hes an amazing dancer! 

3 scary games, 3rd game I play.

Hope you enjoy!!!


Hey! I played your game on stream and had a blast. Loved the concept, reminded me of the move "The Thing" (which is my favorite horror movie). I liked it a lot! The different endings were nice. I made a vid, hope u don't mind!

Hi, great game !
I was wondering what kind of speech synthesizer you used at the beginning of the game ?

I believe it is TruVoice!

Sounds like MS Sam




best game ever 5 stars out of 3 stars


fun game but I couldn't get the first ending with out help, lol


Cool Game and i like it!

Absolutely amazing games!

My Gameplay of DogHouse Horror Game With Commentary

YT Video:

#DogHouse #HorrorGames #ScaryGames


Enjoyed the game and danced disco with the dog.

I will be glad to subscribe to the channelヾ(^▽^*)))

Wow,a dog who has 8 feet and can dance the disco,it`s amazing.What a lovely dog


Strange, but fun! ^_^ I played both games together. It was fun finding all the different endings. I really loved the disco dog ones lol

This was pleasantly fun!

I found all the 3 endings. The game is simple and fun!


After playing Doghouse 2, I just had to know the origins of this legendary franchise.


dog got studrdy


loved this game! love doghouse 2 as well! there so creative!

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I loved this silly game! The game was short and sweet, and the little elderich puppo was a delight! The third "secret" ending is definitely my favorite ❤️ gotta love funky monsters!!


This game is the second one I have played, and I can't wait to try number 2

great work


ending 3 is the bes

This game is really damn short and goofy, I loved it.

Masterpiece 10/10
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in doghouse 2 i got jumpscared after almost finishing the house by a flying scary dog that teleported straight to me and killed me

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8y497PlwQZb_RsFQ9kKHWw/videosI played the sequel to this game, it was both scary and funny at the same time. But this game is entirely different and still gave me a couple of scares.

Great Game/Recommended/Promoted 

I messed up the comment and I can't seem to fix this without re-typing everything... 


..it's too much trouble to retype 30+ words?


Both games were amazing and I enjoyed both of them! They were very interesting and I had lots of fun. I Can't wait until I play more of your wonderful creations.

It's not often that I don't get to write a very long winded review, but this game.....

You make a dog house because you love your dog, and he clearly isn't some kind of disco-loving, Eldritch horror or anything. What glues this all together is that you shouldn't go into this house

All in all, dog is god backwards, and you should play this game :)

My playthrough (1&2):


can you make doghouse1 and 2 for browser?


I plan to remaster these games eventually; whenever that is, I will make a browser version for each of them.


cool beans



I really did enjoy this game it made me laugh and I just truly had a great time paying this game 

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for how short the game is it really was a good one! not many horror games that I've seen or played uses a dog the way you did! Definitely will play Doghouse 2! 


Oh yeah, this one was useful too.


I knew I picked a good obscure one. The 3rd ending is by far my favorite. I'm already off to play the second one! Good job dev! <3

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Played this game on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I played in the video starting at 7:23!

This game is proof that games don't be long or full of backstory to be truly unsettling. I thought everything about this game was amazing, and was worth the wild ride!
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