A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 - You are constructing the perfect doghouse for your beloved pet. But while you're working away, you notice that your dog looks... different.

Created in 5 days for Weekly Game Jam 219 with the theme "Evolution." The game has three endings in total.


InteractE / Left Click
Updated 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withGodot
TagsCreepy, Horror, PSX

Install instructions

Windows & Linux users: Download the zip file and extract the game. Enjoy!

Mac users: Download and extract the game. If you get an error that says "Apple cannot check this for malicious software," control click the game and hit "Open."


doghouse-win.zip 65 MB
doghouse-mac.zip 80 MB
doghouse-linux.zip 65 MB

Development log


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I was sad how short the game was, I liked the game and the 3 endings were fun. hope to see more from you man! Gameplay starts at 6:25


Superb short game. Cats & Dogs looks AMAZING! 

ending 3 is horrifiying

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i don't really know, but i see the comments and now that i know there's 3 endings and is really scary, i'm gonna play it >:)

i will come back to say my opinion :D

(for five minutes, i really like it :D

it scares me a little bit and i really like it <3 )

Loved this game! Short and sweet.

Here's another gameplay video. Enjoy.

Which game engine did you use? I can't really tell.


ending 3 was scary ngl


ending 3 is horifing. this is actually a scary game


this is better than a normal week game jam game that was created in 5 days

d i s c o d o g


ending 3 was genuinely horrifying

vary good loved it


This is amazing


Great Game!! You should totally make another game, don't rush it though, make sure its as great as this game. The graphics of this game make it have a creepy feeling too!

heres my video on your game nice job

My game looks.. untextured, i'm running on an M1 Mac, any way to fix this?


I think its a similar issue on Windows when using battery saver mode, possibly a performance mode that's lowering the CPU usage. I'll look into it, though. Sorry about that!

Disco Dog is the best ending lol


Nice game! It was short but I had fun playing and recording it. Assets were nice and the feel was enjoyable. Especially the third ending. Unexpected, but well accepted.

Good stuff! Looking forward to more projects. 

Please check the video and my channel: VladMan

Thank you!




Well that took an unexpected turn lol! Relly liked this short game. Watch m eplay on my channel for my full opinion :) 


I really like how disturbing this game is but why my game keep crashing TT

It's supposed to! That's part of the game :D


This was honestly so beautiful, so fun and so screenshotable! I really enjoyed the experience.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing


They call me Bob the builder out here...


10/10 game bruu 馃拑馃拑

It was so short game but it's cool enough


This is really cool, awesome secret btw.


Second game in the video starting at 14:08. Weird surrealist little teaser. Wanted a bit more from it but I like the style and eerie atmosphere. 
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Very short game! I've got all the endings! Great game!

Ending 1: A Perfect Doghouse

Ending 2: Don't go inside the house

Ending 3: Disco Dog


This is awesome! And it has a really cool dog.


This gets my vote for favorite of the Game Jam. Awesome job!

Whats up?馃槃馃槑


Greatest game of all time. 1st game I played in this video! 

This game was so weird I think I'm still trying to figure out what happened... 10/10 

I featured your game in my video - 


this game is a masterpiece, it's a love letter to video games 馃馃嵎

Awesome, cool,what video game are you talking about?

Doghouse of course 馃馃嵎


This game was super weird. It was interesting though. Wish it was a tad longer, felt like it ended before anything too freaky could happen. Good job anyway!


I put your game at the end of this video.

I straight-up love the look of it I've always been a fan of PSX graphics!


i needed that dance break

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