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nice work =) the simpsons got spider pig now there's spider dog with antlers 



I'll admit, I wasn't expecting anything I got as far as the endings go.


What a unique game! Really cool.

I played this and the 2nd Doghouse. As short as they are I enjoyed them :)

Very nice game,the dance was amazing🤣


that music made the whole thing

cool game tho ;)

que juego mas raro


hello voici mon teste et mon avis sur le jeux très beau jeux 

Nice game !

How did you learn about godot engine?

I don't remember where I first heard of it.

If you mean how I learned to use it, mainly creating a bunch of weird prototypes :)


ok, i will try! thanks






what engine that game use? or that just scripts in 1 exe file?

Made with Godot :)

And yes, I used RCEdit to compile the game into one executable.


Simple but sweet! It made a nice game to stream to my cousin on discord a while ago


Built our buddy a nice house, and hes an amazing dancer! 

3 scary games, 3rd game I play.

Hope you enjoy!!!


Hey! I played your game on stream and had a blast. Loved the concept, reminded me of the move "The Thing" (which is my favorite horror movie). I liked it a lot! The different endings were nice. I made a vid, hope u don't mind!

Hi, great game !
I was wondering what kind of speech synthesizer you used at the beginning of the game ?

I believe it is TruVoice!

Sounds like MS Sam




best game ever 5 stars out of 3 stars


fun game but I couldn't get the first ending with out help, lol


Cool Game and i like it!

Absolutely amazing games!

My Gameplay of DogHouse Horror Game With Commentary

YT Video:

#DogHouse #HorrorGames #ScaryGames


Enjoyed the game and danced disco with the dog.

I will be glad to subscribe to the channelヾ(^▽^*)))

Wow,a dog who has 8 feet and can dance the disco,it`s amazing.What a lovely dog


Strange, but fun! ^_^ I played both games together. It was fun finding all the different endings. I really loved the disco dog ones lol

This was pleasantly fun!

I found all the 3 endings. The game is simple and fun!


After playing Doghouse 2, I just had to know the origins of this legendary franchise.


dog got studrdy


loved this game! love doghouse 2 as well! there so creative!

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I loved this silly game! The game was short and sweet, and the little elderich puppo was a delight! The third "secret" ending is definitely my favorite ❤️ gotta love funky monsters!!


This game is the second one I have played, and I can't wait to try number 2

great work


ending 3 is the bes

This game is really damn short and goofy, I loved it.

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